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Variobend works in conjunction with our German friends ASCO Machines to create state of the art metal bending machines that are made to last.

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Why Variobend?


What better way to impress your customers than by producing products that are precise and accurate every single time? With servo-driven, ball screw back gauges in your Variobend, peace of mind is a way of life.


Maximum returns on your investment. Utilizing advanced programming plus the latest in servo-drive technology equals a whisper-quiet, lighting-fast machine that can produce more trim in less man hours than ever! In addition, unless the machine is moving, no motors are running, thereby maximizing its energy efficiency and providing a more pleasant working environment for your operators.


We have technicians on standby to conveniently help you troubleshoot problems with your machine. We are able to immediately access your machine remotely and walk you through any difficulty you have as well as make any software adjustments or customizations you need! We can also service on site within hours rather than days or weeks. And since we’re local to the USA, at a much more affordable price than paying someone overseas.

Single Folder

S Series

The S Series Single Folder is technically unique compared to other long folders on the market. The geometry of the clamping beam allows the operator to make profiles otherwise impossible.

Variobend single bender machine with blue light
Double Folders

D Series

The D Series double folder multiplies the output on common profiles. In most operations a great deal of time is wasted turning and flipping long, awkward parts. In fact, far more time is spent handling than bending.

Variobend double folder with blue neon light
Metal Slitters


We provide a variety of technical solutions ranging from slitting lines to fully automated coil handling. By incorporating as much industrial technology as possible, we are able to offer machines with unique strengths and characteristics that help our customers become industry leaders.

Variobend single bender machine
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