German Engineering, American Craftmanship

Variobend works in conjunction with our German friends ASCO Machines to create state of the art metal bending machines that are made to last.

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d series

The D Series double folder multiplies the output on common profiles. In most operations a great deal of time is wasted turning and flipping long, awkward parts. In fact, far more time is spent handling than bending.

If the D Series folder isn’t what you’re looking for take a look at our Single Folder and Slinet machines.

Feature Spotlight

Pneumatic Clamping Gripper

Fully automatic bending (optional). Rubber coated fingers prevent part marking. Gripper pressure is adjustable.

More features of our

Double Folder

Variobend Slit Frei cutter

Slit-Frei 2-Way Slitter

Bring efficiency to your operation with the new SLIT-FREI 2-way, post cut slitter! Save time, material and money by reducing handling and scratching. Process full width flat sheets into finished product without pre-slitting!

Massive Clamping Beam Opening

Allows comfortable flipping of sheets and profiles or the ability to unroll small coils within the frames of the machine. Many times, this feature eliminates the need for a second operator.

Variobend Slit Frei cutter


The slitting assembly slides on dual linear bearing rails mounted directly on the machine chassis, providing a rigid structure. This innovative solution ensures that beams are free from any interference as is typically found on rails mounted on the clamping or bending beam. The Variobend cuts up to 3X faster than its competitors.

Close up of Variobend Angular Bending Beam

Bending Beam

The patented Variobend bending machines are angled back, allowing you to bend profiles that used to be impossible with vertical bending beams.

Double Hurdraulic component of Variobend metal folder

Hydraulic Components

Featuring SAE hydraulic fittings, hoses, and double filters, the entire hydraulic system is engineered in the USA for maximum performance, efficiency and long term reliability.


Angular Bending Beam
Hydraulic Components
Replaceable Hardened Segments
Robust Frame
User-Friendly Touch Screen Controls
Machine technician pointing to screen

User-Friendly Touch Screen Controls

The 24” touch screen control allows fast and easy input of new profiles as well as a library of standard profiles. A new standard has been set for operator convenience and software possibilities.

Close up of hardened segments

Replaceable Hardened Segments

Removable, hardened segments for both the clamping and bending beam make segments easily replaceable. Guaranteed precision for life.

Robust variobend frame

Robust Frame

A folding machine is no better than its foundation, and this is another area where Variobend is superior. An 8” x 12” tubing for the main frame assures ease of setup and consistent accuracy in spite of possible variation in the plant floor.

*49″ Insertion Depth optional on all series

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