German Engineering, American Craftmanship

Variobend works in conjunction with our German friends ASCO Machines to create state of the art metal bending machines that are made to last.

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To realize our goal of useful innovation, our designers, developers, and software technicians work daily to increase our performance. We develop a variety of technical solutions ranging from slitting lines to fully automated coil handling. By incorporating as much industrial technology as possible, we are able to offer machines with unique strengths and characteristics that help our customers become industry leaders. If the Slinet isn’t quite what you’re looking for check out our Single Folder and Double Folder.

Experience the next generation of

Innovative Coil Processing

Markets are subject to constant change. In sheet metal processing, this brings with it an ever-increasing complexity of products and processes. The efficient production of metal blanks for profiles requires solutions that are effective, highly flexible, and above all, user-friendly. Slinet offers just that, combining superior quality and simple operation with flexibility and increased automation. The modular system consists of 3 parts which can be easily adapted to meet your needs. The SLINET SI 1275 slit / cut to length unit allows you to make precise cuts with minimal setup time, and different widths can be automatically cut lengthwise with up to 8 automatically adjusting knives. The cross-section is cut with innovative roller shears that cut the sheet from beneath. The 4 roll straightener is a modular component that can easily be connected to the Slinet SI 1275. To further expand the system, the Slinet can be paired with the fully automatic coil storage system.

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